Essere Supremo Shoe and Bag with Accessories - Teal

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  • Essere Supremo is an exclusive design from Raimondo Buccelli, they are known for the production of quality shoe and bags.
  • This Shoe and Bag is Teal colour and it’s made from Satin fabric with a leather inner lay.
  • The heel design is very unique to this brand with a teal back colour and gold metal inner heel
  • The heel of the shoe is 4.5inches high with a front platform of 1inch that makes it very comfortable to wear.
  • The shoe and bag is accessorise with tiny stones that make it more beautiful.
  • The purse is beautiful with top made from 18carat gold plated metal
  • This set of shoe and bag is lovely and worth its price, the stones use for the embellishment are semi precious not the cheap ones
  • This set is strictly for women that has taste and that love timeless and classy fashion items
  •  Made in Italy products are known for their authenticity and durability, although they may cost slightly higher to purchase than products from some      other clime, but at the long run they make more economic sense because of their durability.
  • Spoil yourself or your love ones by getting them a pair as gift or for special occasion 
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