Fish Bowl - Medium - 8 Litres

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Note: This order comes with just a fishbowl. The Fish inside the bowl is to clearly illustrate that a fish can be kept inside.

Size of bowl: 7 inches height by 10 inches diameter.

The fishbowl is used to keep fishes. Made of dense, hard to scratch transparent glass. Advantages of the fishbowl are:

  • The fishbowl is very easy to maintain. Just clean and reassemble or decorate.
  • It is very portable. The fishbowl can fit in virtually anywhere.
  • The bent fish bowl shape with water inside give a great zoom for fishes. Which make even tiny fishes very visible.
  • It is a versatile object. The fishbowl although so-called fishbowl can be used for a lot of interior decor ideas like a flower bowl etc.
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