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For Broken Men Who Cross Often

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Efe Paul Azino’s spoken word performances have received critical acclaim from listeners over the years. This book is therefore an expected result of a heightened expectation from many of his fans. For Broken Men Who Cross Often, is a refreshing and brilliant bond of the written and the oral, as it invents aesthetic devices to connect the two mediums which have constantly generated wide debate: spoken word and poetry-on-the-page. The author, in his writing, resonates through his themes of advocacy, love, loss, identity and history, the need for a revisit of the inner self. In Efe Paul Azino, we will always listen to tradition in present-day voice.

Kachifo Limited, Kamsi Imprint, presents a first: a mixed media collection of the best of Efe Paul's poetry. Listen to a selection of the poems via the audio CD as you recite along.

"[...] Efe Paul Azino's debut collection, For Broken Men Who Cross Often, ripples not just with muscular rhymes but pulses with rhythm. These are poems forged in the smithy of rage but tempered by stubborn hope; verses in which recent memory have calcified into regret. This is an important book for the times we live in." - Toni Kan, poet and novelist

"A triumph. With this measured collection, Efe Paul Azino makes the leap from electrifying performance to pulsating introspection." - Chuma Nwokolo, author, The Ghost of Sani Abacha

"Efe Paul Azino is one of the most powerful voices of this African generation. His performance poetry most eloquently brings history to life at a time when the brittle structures of hypocrisy and power at their weakest." - Binyavanga Wainaina, author, One Day I Will Write About this Place

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