Frankincense Powder - 50g

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Boswellia papyrifera (Caill. ex Delile) Hochst.
Frankincense is known for its healing powers and its ability to improve communication with the creator in the Middle East for thousands of years before it was made a gift of to Christ by the Magi. There are over 52 references to it in the Bible. Egyptian records show a great many references to it including its use in cosmetics, perfumes and as an embalming agent. Grown predominantly on the Somali coast and parts of the Arabian Peninsula, the resin is obtained by making deep cuts in the trunk of the tree lengthwise.

The powder (and resin) is believed to have insect repellent properties.

Other properties of frankincense include anti-inflammatory properties and immune enhancing functions.

Frankincense powder can be mixed in tiny amounts into toothpaste to strengthen teeth and gums, as well as to refresh the mouth. Chewing on frankincense resin has the same effect.

The powder is used in herbal pastes and plasters used to heal wounds.

Mixing the powder with myrrh and aloe is a common herbal antiseptic home treatment for wounds.

A little frankincense powder tossed in with other burning herbs can repel insects.

Ayurvedic medicine uses frankincense in a variety of forms for treatment of arthritis.

Burning the resin or powder and "fumigating" various body parts is believed to be a treatment for headaches, mental issues and to help heal after childbirth.

Burning the powder and breathing it in can help to reduce congestion.

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