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Guar Gum - 200g

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Guar Gum Powder

Botanical Name: Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba

Guar gum is ideally used in products with a pH of 5 to 7, but it can handle higher and lower levels without degradation. We need to hydrate it before using it in our products, so it's suggested that you sprinkle the guar gum over your room temperature water phase, stick blend or mix well, then leave to sit for about 15 minutes or so or until it is well hydrated (you'll be able to tell because it creates a gel). Then you can add your other water phase ingredients like aloe vera, hydrosols, proteins, and so on and heat and hold as usual. The usage suggested ranges between 0.3% to 5%, so you'll have to do some playing to figure out the best usage for your product.

Guar gum offers more than thickening. It can behave as a light emulsifier as it prevents oil droplets from coalescing. It can behave as a stabilizer as it keeps solid particles from settling in a bottle. Because guar gum is non-ionic, there are really no limits on where you can use it. You can use it in lotions, surfactant products, conditioners, and pretty much any product where you might want a little thickening. It is water soluble, so it's not suitable for use in anhydrous products.

Plant Part: Seeds

Partical Size: 100% passes 200 mesh

Viscocity: 3500 cps

Uses: Thickening, water binding and stabilizing

It may be used in bath products, hair conditioners, hair dyes, shaving preparations, other hair care products and skin care products.

NOTE: We reccommend for external use only. We do not suggest "How to use"as this is per individual's discretion.

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