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Handy Fake Currency Detector

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2 in 1 Handheld Backlight UV LED Money Detector LED Flashlight Torch Lamp Counterfeit Currency Tester  

Portable Handheld UV Light Torch Lamp currency Detector
Verify security features on banknotes and passports
Check watermarks and security strips
Highlight alterations and staining
Also it can detects Foreign Currency, Passport, Bank draft, Check, Value-added Tax Invoice
How to use:
Slide the side switch towards "tube" to switch on the UV lamp
Slide the side switch towards "torch" to switch on the white lamp
To switch off slide the side switch to the centre position
Replace the batteries when the lamps begin to dim
Operating with low battries ma damage the lamp
Do not slide the side switch to the "tube" position with the UV lamp removed
This may damage the UV lamp drive circuit
Remove the batteries when the lamp is not to be used for some time
Product Specifications:
Handheld Blacklight Requires 4*AA Batteries (not included)
Dimension: About 16*5.4*2.3cm
Package Includes:
1 x Counterfeit Detector (Not Included Batteries)

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