Herbal Youth TongKat Ali 3000 Extreme 200:1 Root Extract

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Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia, is a potent tonic herb for testosterone from South East Asia. Also called Pasak Bumi, tongkat ali benefits the male body greatly and these benefits are extremely well documented. The tongkat ali testosterone boosting pharmacological profile is packed full of highly benefical ecdysterones

Its benefits in regarding sex, sexual activity and reproductive health are; increased sexual desire, performance and the ability to increase the sperm count. Tongkat increases blood flow to the male genitals producing enhanced erections, improving erection duration, size and hardness. Scientific testing has also confirmed that Tongkat Ali also has the capacity to "reverse the inhibitory effects of estrogen on male hormone production and spermatogenesis" whereby Tongkat essentially undoes the damage done to the male body by unwanted estrogen.

In regards of Tongkat's benefits to muscles and athleticism, Tongkat Ali's ability to boost male hormone levels has a profound effect on muscles, lean body ratio's and the ability to train harder and longer. Tongkat extract has been scientifically proven to induce muscle growth in men. .

Tongkat is noted to be an "ergogenic assistant", whereby the extract has shown to improve responsiveness to strenuous activity and exercise. This means that athletes, body builders and sportsmen can train harder and longer helping to drop body fat further and increase muscle mass again. Atheletes also note, that unlike synthetic anabolic products, Tongkat used for sports training does not negatively impact sexual health and desire.



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