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HP 5GHZ Wireless Mouse - Blue

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Brand: HP
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The HP 5GHZ Wireless Mouse is highly mobile, has a great range of up to 10 meters and can be used with a wide range of devices. It has been designed to be compatible with all brands and models of laptops and computers. It uses radio waves to communicate and connect to a computing device which makes it very efficient. The Mouse has an ergonomic design which makes it quite comfortable and easy to use. The excellent mobility which this wireless mouse gives cannot be overemphasized for it lets you have the freedom to move it around without limitation while working on your computer. The HP Ultra-Slim USB 2.4GHZ Wireless Mouse uses Bluetooth technology and is very user friendly as you do not need to install any special driver before it can be used. All you need to do is plug-in the Bluetooth device into your computer and you are ready to go. It runs on a standard AA battery which can last for a long period of time. Owning this wireless mouse will make it possible to have an organised work desk as there won't be clusters of wires everywhere.

  •  Built-in mouse memory, no coding is needed
  •     Intelligent connectivity, plug-and-play
  •     Ergonomically designed, comfort grip
  •     Many dormant class control and more power-saving hibernation
  •     800dpi/1600dpi, cursor speed adjustable
  •     For Laptops‎,‎ Desktops alike


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