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In the Light of Truth- The Grail Message by Abd-Ru-Shin

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"In the Light of Truth" The Grail Message is the main work of Abd-ru-shin (Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, 1875-1941). It is a collection of lectures in three volumes, presented in such a way that they build upon each other, thereby forming a complete picture of the whole Creation of which our earth is but a small part.


The Grail Message mediates the knowledge of the development of Creation. In simple words it explains all the connections without a gap, and gives a comprehensive survey of all the parts of Creation though separate are united by the One Supreme Will of God. This manifests in its perfection not in arbitrary acts, as many inadvertently impute, but in the incorruptible, inflexible activity of the Laws of Creation, which manifests for us in the Laws of Nature.


Through the enlightenment by these Laws, the liberating understanding of present world events is opened to man.


The Grail Message gives spiritual support for the experiences, joyful or otherwise, that we all encounter in our lives, as it is addressed to the individual human being, irrespective of religion, creed, nationality or race, for he alone has to bear responsibility for everything he thinks and does. It wishes to be of help to the human being by showing the direct way back to our spiritual home, Paradise. Indeed it is the Author's declared intention with his work to lead seekers again "back to God".


It answers questions that we all encounter in life: Where do we come from? Where do we go when we die? What about Divine Justice, Justice, Free Will, Fate, Karma and Reincarnation? The mission of our Lord Jesus, the Son of God; the Laws of Nature and Creation; the Apocalypse; the Last Judgement and many other topics.


The more the reader uses life itself as the criterion for testing the explanations given in the Grail Message, the more the Truth shines from it.

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