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JS-1314 Long Bluetooth Speaker

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1.1 Bluetooth speaker plastic shell ABS material, over rubber oil, color is red, Yellow, silver, purple,
1.2 A iron net silver white, middle white nameplate printed silk LOGO, Black font, LOGO size: 52.5 * 15.2cm
1.3 Bluetooth speaker C face three V type key, respectively, for the boot, plus and minus Next song function key. Color consistent with the shell color
1.4 Bluetooth speaker C surface two pad material silica gel, the color black
1.5 Bluetooth speaker B surface, power supply interface, FT card socket, audio outputInterface 3.5mm
1.6 Bluetooth speaker specifications: 28 * 5.4 * 4.0cm
1.9 built-in security card

2.1 model: JS-1314
2.2 Voltage 5V
2.3 support all kinds of smart phone system
2.4 enter the Bluetooth code, voice prompts, transmission distance: 10 meters
2.5. Using 1000 Ma battery
2.6 master IC models, jelee version 3 to support A2DP V1.2
2.7 battery power can be used to support the use of 2- 4 hours
2.8 speaker specifications: 16 core dual magnetic 4 / 3W * 2 dual channel 6W
2.9 Bluetooth solution: jelee scheme
3.0 product specifications: 28 * 5.4 * 4.0cm
3.1 product net weight: 274g

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