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Julestherapy Rose Essential Oil

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1 Review


Latin name: Rosa centifolia - 10% dilution in Sweet Almond (prunus dulcis)?

Rose Oil is used in skincare for dry and mature skin. Rose oil produces a beautiful fragrance that is great for balancing, relaxing and uplifting your mind and body when you are stressed or are feeling tense or sluggish. It is a well known romantic and aphrodisiac aroma also helping to ignite passions when they have been flagging. Stonger aphrodisiac properties than Damask/Bulgarian rose.?

l Effective in massage for treatment of: Nausea, circulation, menstrual discomfort


l Effective in aromatherapy and vaporisor treatments for: Tension, aphrodisiac, stress, asthma, allergy

l Use in skincare for: Lotions, creams and balms


l Balancing and uplifting aroma

As with most absolutes the oil is extremely thick, we therefore recommend that you stand the bottle in warm water before use.

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