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Y-pad Learning Toy is specially designed for children of 3+ years. It helps little children develop their mental reasoning fast both in class work and in preparation to the use of computer early in life. It also helps to exercise their fingers. It has feature for sound so that a child can always listen to instructions/pronunciations in response to the icon press on the screen. Similarly the Y-pad comes with in-built lights that glow blue which can be switched on or off. This would aid the child to see all the icons on the pad thereby providing the child an opportunity to learn even in the dark.

Functionally it helps a child in the following key aspects:
• Touch/Press Screen features introduction.
• Learning of words in a very simple manner.
• Spelling ability enhancement with ease.
• Arithmetic capability improvement within a very short time possible.
• Learning of common and more educational songs.

The features include:
• Off/On button
• Touch Screen
• 3 AA battery slots
• Light Off/On button
• Voice Switch
• In-built speaker

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