Kids Tracker Smart Watch

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The watch functions as a mobile phone allowing children to call a pre-configured set of numbers. It also allows parents to call their child. For example, a mom can ring the watch to say that dinner is ready, and it’s time to come home. The battery will last for a continuous sixty minutes of talk time, or a full week (7 days) in standby. The exterior is IP57 dust and water resistant which means you don’t have to worry about your children ruining the watch while they play — or if they spill drinks on it. As you’d expect, the Kidswatcher includes GSM and GPS functionality so adults can track them. The biggest difference with the Kidswatcher is that you can continue to track a child even when they’re inside a building. Once you place it on your child’s wrist, you can monitor their exact whereabouts — until it runs out of juice.

It comes in several styles and colours, all of which are extremely kid-friendly. Because of the design, it looks just like any other kid toy or accessory. That means predators likely won’t have a clue that it’s a tracking device in the event something terrible happens.

The watch will also activate a tamper alert if it’s been removed by someone, even the child. The alert includes last known GPS info that’s pinged from the device when it’s removed. An additional panic alert will automatically send location data to a pre-programmed group of family or friends in the event of an emergency.


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