Kill Fear - Before Fear Kills You

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Discover the Courage Within You.

Don’t let fear corrode your life!

This is J.P. Vaswani’s message in this inspiring book: Conquer fear! Face life with confidence, courage and strength of character, and come out on top!

With his intuitive capacity for understanding the human predicament, Dada analyses the negative complex of fear to show us its root causes, its hidden sources and its debilitating effects on the human personality.

Understanding fear, Vaswani tells us, is the first step to conquering it.

This is followed by Dada’s practical suggestions which make the conquest of fear a virtual certainty. Wise and compassionate as he is, Vaswani does not expect us to possess superhuman strength or indomitable spirit, but he knows how to tap our inner reserves, how to bring out the best in us so that we may regain control of our lives, and live life as it ought to be lived, with joy and peace!

Table of Content..

1. We Are All Victims of Fear.
2. Fear Can Corrode You.
3. Life Takes Courage.
4. What Is Fear?
5. Recognising Fear.
6. Faith Gives You Courage.
7. How to Conquer Fear.
8. Witness of the Great Ones.
9. Practical Suggestions.

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