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Kinoflo Studio & Filming Light - 6 Bulb

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  • A 6 flourescent tube in one box Kino flo unit and the box comes with a switch to control light intensity by switching off and on any of the 6 flourescents.
  • Flourescent for each flourescent slot
  • Light stand.

It is definatly brand new and comes in a carton. Tested before shippment.


  • Model: 4 Tede
  • Color Temperature: 3200k/5600k
  • Illumination: 2m/1800lux 5m/800lux
  • Power Consumption: 330w wattage
  • 55watt voltage: Ac110-220 50-60hz



The kinoflo light comes in one unit which contains 6 flourescent bulbs. It is a white light and emits little or no heat. 

Holly wood cinematography ( motion and still picture) over the years have secretly exploited the potential of lightning and the ultimate effect it brings to screens and prints.


The camera men, graffers and best boys of holly wood and the western world have long enjoyed the the large creative and financial benefit involved in the prospect of cinematography/ filming which anybody can simply be part of.


And this great benefit has recently being revealed to Nigerians as we can see in Music videos, and promising Nigerian/ Nolly wood movies with good promising picture.


Team, Hobbist, individuals that venture into these aspects of arts for a love and income base purposes knows the turnout and result which can be traced to good lightning.


Weather particularly you are a creative individual/ team film maker (s), still photographer, renting agent, or you grant great professional lightning service part time/ full time to institutions like churches (live video coverage of church services)   or even schools: KINOFLO, REDHEADS and OTHER KITS help achieve the ultimate picture effect in these dynamics.


Because of our flair for media you will only get the original of these lights and not their sub-standard prototype now in the market. Because of our strength in importation you can get these lights in wholesale prices, weather you are buying in numbers or individually.


Call for pick up or delivery and supplies any where in Lagos and NIGERIA.


START/ STEP UP your art today.


Have a creative day ahead.

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