Koocu Quality Hi-Tech SMD Rework Station

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Product Description

This special unit is a combination of hot air rework station and soldering iron with dual digital temperature display. The hot air gun can be used for easily removing and soldering various devices such as QFP,SOP,PLCC,SOJ,CHIPS, the soldering iron is mainly for soldering. It is easy to operate,user-friendly,and greatly space-saving.


Product Feature
- ESD Safe unit provides extra safety for sensitive components

- Dual LED digital temperature display for hot air gun and soldering iron. Each part work individually.

- It has three knobs which control hot air volume, hot air temperature, and soldering iron temperature. The hot air volume knob has 8 shifts, which provide option on air flow speed and volume for different use

- Soldering iron use light weight handle design,suitable for use a long time. The soldering iron can be unplugged or plugged easily

- High quality ceramic heating element, It can accurately control the temperature, also can rise the temperature to a high level in a very short time

- The mode and specification of iron and heating element are same as any international brand name, so they can be exchanged very easily

- Hot air gun maintains a constant set temperature when the set and the value is reached and is not effected by volume of air flow

- Rapid heating high performance hot air gun,extremely low noise and highly durable. It comes with large air volume and particularly soft wind

- An automatic cooling system, when power is turned off , the automatic cooling system begins to work, prevent the heating element from overheating. in order to prolong the life of pipe and handle

- Hot air nozzle can be used for soldering and desoldering. comes with 3 focus hood 5mm,7mm,9mm


Product Specification

General specification

Current voltage(AC): 220 + 10%

Current overload protection: >= 4A


Hot Air Rework Specification

Power consumption: 270 W

Hot Air temperature: 100-420 C, adjustable

Output airflow: 0.3-24L/min, adjustable

Pump power: 45W

Heater: 250W metal

Type of pump: membranous


Soldering Station Specification

Power consumption: 60 W

Output Voltage (AC): 24V

Soldering Temperature: 200 - 480 C,Adjustable

Heating element: Ceramic Heater



1 Rework station

1 Soldering Iron

1 Clean Sponge

1 Iron holder

1 Hot air gun

1 Handle bracket

3 Nozzle focus hood, 5mm,7mm,9mm

1 User manual

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