Laundry Basket - Red

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The Laundry Basket – Red is a large size basket that is ideal for storing your dirty clothes pending the time they get washed or clean clothes that needs to be ironed. It accommodates large quantity of clothes and you are sure that the laundry basket is very durable. It has ventilated slots to prevent odor build up which is really nice unlike when your dirty clothes are stored up in an enclosed place, it tends to smell which is not healthy. It also has a sturdy base which withstands heavy usage. The Laundry basket is lightweight and easy to move around. It can be used at home and laundry rooms.


The  Laundry Basket – Red can also be used in storing your clean clothes when they have been washed. It is very durable and also easy to wash, all you need to do is get a damp cloth and soap and wash then rinse and it is ready to use. It works very great and it stretches to fit in quite a number of clothes. It can be placed either at a corner in your bedroom, bathroom, laundry room as far as you have access to it. 


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