Leaderbaker Industrial Mixer - 10L

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Leaderbaker Planetary mixers are essential part of any kitchen. These multipurpose mixers allow users to make a variety of mixes from pastry to whisks. Some optional and special features you can consider with your planetary mixer include.


10 Leaderbaker planetary mixers come with attachments for mixing dough (dough hook), whipping (whisk) and mixing (beater). Changing the attachments is a straightforward process.

Mix Speed Controller

Mix speed simply means the revolutions per minute (rpm) of the relevant attachment that is fixed to the unit for a particular job, example is a whisk. Leaderbaker planetary Mixers come with two kinds of speed controller. One kind allows you to have a set of three to four different speeds. These are useful when you have to vary the mixing speed of the mix in the bowl. The second kind is the fixed speed which is one standard speed for all mixing. This mixer has 3 different speed levels for several operations



This unit comes with an automatic timer which allows you to leave the operation running for specific time. This is useful for certain recipes and is a great help when you have other things to attend to.

Bowl Lifter

If you run an operation that is mixing dough all day long, this is a useful option to consider. It is a mechanism that raises the bowl into place for mixing so that the operator does not have to manually lift it as it can be quite time consuming and not to mention heavy when doing this manually with loaded bowls.

Bowl Material

Leaderbaker mixers come with a standard stainless steel bowl. Stainless steel is more reliable when it comes to mixing food.

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