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LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 Bluetooth Headset - Black

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Product Code: 2851971
Brand: LG
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1 Review

Harman-Kardon audio is the big-ticket feature, but retractable earbuds may be the best improvement to LG's wraparound headsetThe best part about the LG Tone Infinim (HBS-900) Bluetooth headset has nothing to do with its top bullet point, the inclusion of Harman-Kardon sound. No, the most important part of this neck-wraparound device is much more simple than wave form algorithms or any other sort of audio jargon. It's not even the slick integration of notifications, so you can hear what folks are pinging you for without having to look at your phone. It's not even the redesigned buttons.Oh, the Tone Infinim (which on the box is referred to as the Tone+ for some reason) headset sounds just fine.

In fact, you could say it sounds pretty great for a Bluetooth device. Because it does. I'm coming from using LG's HBS-730 for the past year or so, and it's a noticeable difference. For sure some of that is due to software tweaks, and even more the passive noise-cancellation thanks to some improved earbuds, which seem to fit just a bit tighter and block more sound than the old 730s. (They also seem to stay in my ears better. LG includes some replacement sizes, of course, so you can get a more custom fit.) Call quality is pretty good as well — we easily accepted calls while jogging, though the Infinim can't really do much about our being out of breath. Music quality is above average — bass response is OK but not great, and highs are clear and distinguished.No, it comes down to this: No more loose wires.


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