LGS Gas Regulator

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A gas regulator with meter that enable gas utilities to better manage,to detect cylinder leakages, measure and control their operations,allows you to know exactly the level of your gas usage at any given time. With in-built coil that prevents/detect cylinder leakages and automatically stops the flow of gas to the cooker to prevent wastage and fire outbreak in homes.With this gas regulator, the burner produces high intensity blue flame that makes cooking more efficient and timely. A must have in every kitchen.Which also help you to know your cylinder full limit gauge at the re-fill station by inspecting the full meter gauge.For more than a century, utilities throughout the world have turned to us for quality, reliability and innovative solutions that increase operational efficiency, improve safety, and heighten customer service.


Key Features
  • Gas Regulator with a meter
  • On/Off control switch
  • Prevents shortage of gas/overfilling on purchase
  • Helps monitor gas usage
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