Lutian 3.5kva Generator LT3600 with Key & Manual Starting

Product Code: 3284278
Brand: Lutian
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Fuel TypePetrol

Lutian generator lt3600 is one of best generator you can get in the country now, it does not have fake and its been imported into the country solely by the same manufacturer. The rated ac output is 3.2kva and the maximum rated ac output is 3.5 kva this generator is with key and manual starting that is with rope and battery for the key starting is provided. For the generator to work perfectly and for a long time you must use original oil for it the oil capacity is 0.6l the fuel tank capacity is 15 liters the generator is standard organisation of nigeria (son) approved, the engine type is air cooled and it is very silent does not make much noise buy the generator and you will enjoy your money worth but don't use road side oil buy quality oil and the generator will last for you

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