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Magnetic Fuel Saver X Power

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The Magnetic Fuel Saver XP-2 can be used both on automotive as a fuel saver and in water purification due to the fact that magnet soften wate and reduce scale buil up.

This new technological innovation is the most efficient fuel saving and enhancing device designed to condition the fuel before combustion to increase power output, save fuel and reduce emission. 

It helps the engine to burn fuel more efficietly, improves engine performance and reduce emission. So you are not only saving on fuel but also maintaining your vehicle.

With Magnetic Fuel Saver you reduce wear on O sensor and catalytic converter.

It stops scale build-up and corrosion in engine and improve its performance for better and faster ignition

It highs octane performace and lowers octane fuel, this reduces the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons by 50% this helps you to pass emission test easily.

All these helps you to save fuel, cost of maintaning your vehicle and gives you more miles per gallon.

It is safe to use The Magnetic Fuel Saver on the following:

Cars, Buses, Trucks, Generators, Scooters,Motorcycles, Ambulances, Gas Cylinders, Earthmoving Equipments, Construction Equipments, Locomotives/ Trains.


It is simple to install, this device is to be installed very close to the engine as close as possible to achieve high performance. It should be firmly held in place by the cables ties supplied.

The two pieces of Neodymium bar magnets are encased inside two plastic with the N-S poles facing each other.


2 sets of The Magnetic Fuel Saver containing 1 pair each (4 pieces altogether)

2 cable ties i.e. 1 for each set of Magnetic Fuel Saver.

1 Blister carton

1 Instructions leaflet.

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