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Manual Deep Fryer + Whistling Kettle + Fry Pans

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Manual Deep Fryer + Whistling Kettle + Fry Pans

  • 1. Manual Deep Fryer - Thick Quality
    Quickly prepare your foods to crispy, golden perfection with this Non Stick eepeep Fryer. it has an easy to clean coated surface. Ideal for gas and electric stoves.This set has the following features;
    • Frying basket
    • Cooker, steamer and deep fryer
    • No stain and easy to clean
    • Nonstick
    • Versatile-can be used as soup/sauce pan after rack is removed
    • Can be used for boiling, steaming and frying any kind of food
    • Perfect for a small family
    • Heat resistant lid
    • Electricity not needed
    • Works perfectly on gas, kerosene and charcoal burner/stove
    • 28cm diameter

    2. 3Pcs stainless frypan

    3. Whistling Kettle - 4L


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