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Manual Of Fire Safety By N Sesha Prakash

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It attempts to educate, inform and enhance the awareness for safety, particularly the ways and means of safe utilization and controlling fire in all its forms. Fire safety concerns all aspects of protecting life, property and the environment from the dangers of uncontrolled fires.

The concept of safety is closely related to reliability which aims to improve the overall system performance by reducing failures and breakdowns Good house keeping apart, it is improved technology which provides greater reliability. Technology is also dependent on necessary skills in operating the technological systems. The book comprehensively encompasses the gamut of safety attitude, safety culture and safety education.

The Manual should serve as a presentable material for all those studying in diploma, advance diploma and postgraduate diploma courses in fire safety and also B Tech students taking up fire safety as the first option. It should also serve as a handbook for practising safety/fire officers, executives and administrators in factories, public buildings, hospitals, hotels, theatres and institutions to infuse the tire safety culture and enforce the norms and regulations


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