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Mercury Elite 7.5AH 12V UPS Replacement Battery

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Brand: Mercury
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Looking to change your UPS battery or batteries for the Mercury brand of UPS and other UPS brands using 7Ah / 7.5Ah 12V battery capacity? Enjoy your peace of mind because the replacement battery you require is here: Mercury Elite 7.5Ah 12V UPS replacement battery.

The Mercury Elite 7.5Ah UPS replacement battery is part of the VRLA battery range from Kobian Pte Ltd, makers of the Mercury range of UPS, AVRs and inverters. Mercury products are widely used and trusted for their reliable performance and durability.

The Mercury Elite 7.5Ah battery is a sealed, maintenance-free battery, suitable for your Mercury UPS and other UPS brands that require this capacity of battery.

  • Reputable brand with high performance
  • Low self Discharge
  • Dry Cell, Sealed Maintenance-free Battery
  • Long life performance
  • Easy replacement for your UPS
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