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Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard For Sony PS4 PlayStation 4

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The Mini PlayStation 4 controller wireless keyboard makes it easier for players to chat with friends and relatives at PS Vita platform. This device is easy to install take, you can easily connect with any version of PS4 original controller and provides easy to use text input, Internet chat, while preserving games.




1. Using the keyboard is easy to communicate with friends by the voice chat and messages.

2. Easy to use. The keyboard is very easy to embed in the controller, and will not affect the operation and appearance of the controller.

3. Using dedicated keys to input various letters and characters, it is very easy to text chat and surf the Internet by PlayStation 4.

4. PS4 installed after the original handle on the keyboard will not destroy handle kit original style - PS4 chat keypad will be perfect with the PS4 controller handle perfect combination.

5. Fit well with your PlayStation 4 controller, install and take out simply.



1. Operating voltage: DC: 3.7V

2. Operating Current: <= 0MA

3. Quiescent Current: <= 1mA

4. Bluetooth distance: 8-10 meters

5. Bluetooth version: V3.0

6. Battery: lithium polymer 200MA / H

7. Built-in speaker: 8 ohm 0.5W

8. The charging current and voltage: 130MA / 5V 

Note: Only the Keyboard, not include the controller.


Package Included:

1 X Bluetooth keyboard (Controller is not included)

1 X USB cable

1 X Manual

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