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Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller

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FX2N-64MT is from the Mitsubishi FX2N series, one of the biggest selling controllers worldwide. Part of the reason why it is so popular is becasue it enjoys features usually only found in bigger programmable controllers such as fully-configurable communication options, floating-point math and the ability to process 32-bit data words.

Other FX2N features include high processing speeds (0.08µs per log. instruction), 16 to 256 inputs and outputs, a big storage capacity (8,000 steps expandable to 16,000), user-friendly programming, and connection options to networks such as Profibus-DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet and AS-Interface. If you have any questions about the Mitsubishi FX2N programmable controllers or would just like to check something before you buy, contact the Northern Industrial team today.


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