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Monocrystalline Solar Panel -450w

Monocrystalline Solar Panel -450w

Product Code: 5368571
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This mono crystalline solar panels make for fantastic option for mounting due to the all rounded efficiency with all levels of light, working extremely well in areas of high light and even maintaining a fantastic output in low light or overcast conditions.

  Advantages of 450w monocrystalline solar panels include:
•This monocrystalline solar panels are the most commonly utilised solar panel in Nigeria and globally
•This monocrystalline solar panels are durable and perform well in hot or cool climates.
•This monocrystalline solar panels are suited for homes, businesses and can withstand the harsh elements.
Easy and flexible installation for various applications.
 GUARANTEED POSITIVE power output tolerance. 
Module with sturdy aluminum frame to withstand wind loads. 
Anti-reflective coating improves light absorption. 
Standard junction box with ultra reliable bypass diodes. Meeting highest international standards


The modules use high quality Mono-crystalline solar cells, enclosed by high rigidity tempered glass with excellent light transmittance and output performance.Surface treated with reflection reducing process, increasing the light absorption and back sealed with anti-aging EVA, resistant from moisture and corrosion. The efficiency of our mono-crystalline solar cell is over 95%. Each panel is strictly tested before leaving the factory. Our solar panels designed with a lifetime of 25 years and guaranteed that the power will not decline less than 5% within 10 years and 10% within 20 years

Different Technologies are coming up to reduced environmental hazards arising from power generation effluents/wastes that have greenhouse effects. An example of such technologies is the solar technology. To this end, we have introduced Electronics powered by solar that is the most advanced and sophisticated in the industry to date. 

• Rated Max Power:450W

 • Maximum Power Voltage: 34.2V

 Open Circuit Voltage: 41.04V 

• Maximum Power Current: 13.15A 

  Max System Voltage: 1000V

  Open circuit current: 13.95A

30 years life span

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