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Nano Protech Liquid Electrical Insulation

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Liquid electrical insulation

- Prevents current leakage and short circuit
- Deeply penetrates and completely displaces moisture
- Restores electric equipment
- Increases insulation resistance up to 1000%
- Provides long-life protection
- Electric devices can work under water

Purpose: a unique product that completely displaces moisture. Restores working capacity of electric equipment damaged by moisture; no need to disassemble equipment. The product prevents current leakage and short circuit. The stable invisible nanocoating firmly protects household and industrial electric devices even under the water. The product provides a powerful protection for at least 1 year and increases service life of devices and equipment.

Properties: provides long-life protection from all forms of moisture. Nanoparticles penetrate in the structure of the applied surface, displace moisture and clean from oxides. It instantly restores an insulation resistance

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