Nano Protech Super Anticorrosion

Product Code: 2818012
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Long-life protection from corrosion

- Easy and convenient use
- No need for a pre treatment of metals
- 100% displacement of moisture and protection from corrosion
- Harmless for all materials
- Quick penetration in hard-to-reach spots
- Stable invisible nanocoating protects metals for long

Purpose: the product is unique in that it replaces 100% of moisture. It is powerful anticorrosion protection from any kind of aggressive attack for long. A stable invisible nanocoating surely protects external and internal surfaces of transportation vehicles, industrial, agricultural and building equipment from corrosion for at least 1 year. The product significantly increases service life of devices and equipment.

Application areas: internal surfaces of vehicle body, bottom, side steps, arcs, bolts, loops, hinges, hidden surfaces of interior and trunk, under hood space of all vehicles, gates, garages, tubes, faucets, hoist, and the like.

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