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Neo Socket Car Fuel Saver

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Do you desire to save money on Gas/Fuel by using advance car fuel saver today? You can save up to 20-30% of fuel consumption in your vehicle with this amazing advance scientific technology called NEO SOCKET CAR FUEL SAVER for economizing fuel. This neo socket car fuel saver is a breakthrough, patent-pending invention in fuel conservation. It is the number one Fuel Saving Product in the Market! Neo socket reduces the amount of fuel wasted by the engine load fluctuations. Neo socket will make your engine operate almost at its perfect combustion.

This Fuel Saver also helps improve car's engine acceleration and the performance of on board equipment such as stereo, air-condition and lights. It also provides more horsepower, longer battery life and higher throttles response. It gives cars cleaner emission and helps reduce carcinogenic emissions that are responsible for Global Climate Changes (GCC). That means less pollution and more clean air. It has been proven safe, convenient and easy to use. Just plug-in into the 12V cigarette lighter of your car or any type of motor with 12V cigarette lighter and the fuel saver starts working instantly.

Major Benefits:

Increased Gas Mileage

Lowers emission

Saves gas/fuel by 20 to 30%

 Facilitates cleaner emission

Provides more horse power

Helps achieve longer battery life.

How to use:

1. Insert the Fuel shark into your car or truck's cigarette lighter adapter or dual adapter before turning the ignition on.

2. Start your vehicle. The LED light in your Fuel Shark will come on.

3. Start driving. It's that easy and save over 20-30% of your fuel.


How does it work?

Fuel shark has electronic components that connect electronically to your vehicles’ alternator. When power from the alternator declines, the Fuel shark regulates the voltage in your vehicle.

The Fuel shark works by supplementing the required voltage for devices such as lights, stereos, power windows, etc. By using the Fuel shark, your car's battery does not struggle to provide the additional power needed to operate these devices.

Fuel shark provides a constant and steady supply of power that promotes efficient firing of the ignition system which reduces incomplete combustion in the vehicle's motor. Your Fuel Shark will last for approximately 3 years before you need to replace it.

Note- Do not use the Fuel shark on Hybrids or Electric vehicles

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