Outdoor WIFI AP Router 300mbps - Multifunctional

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What This Product Does:

This high power wireless outdoor CPE is dedicated to long distance wireless network solutions. It integrates the functions of wireless access point, client high gain antenna and weatherproof enclosure. It's 14dBi built-in high gain antenna, high output power and high receiving sensitivity, which allows you to extend the transmission range to a deliver a more stable wireless connection. Complies with 802.11b/g/n agreement. It creates a wireless network up to 300Mbps, making it great for Internet surfing and files exchange. 

Weatherproof Design,suitable for Outdoor Solution

It  is designed to work in outdoor environment. Built with outdoor weatherproof enclosure high.

High Power and Receive Sensitivity

MELON N801 features high power for high speeds at further range for long distance application giving your network the flexibility to go further,besides,N801 comes with high sensitivity,means that you could get higher speed at further distance,allowing the CPE to receive and transmit the weak signals.

Long Distance Outdoor,Breaking the limitation of WiFi

N801comes with 14dBi antenna,which is the key to build a long distance wifi connection.

Multiple Application, Available in Various Industries

Supports Client Bridge,Client Router,Wireless Repeater Bridge, Repeater Router, Cable Router, AP bridge, giving the user a more dynamic and comprehensive experience when using their CPE, transfer wired to wireless, wireless to wird, wireless to wireless and so on.

Passive POE supported for More Flexible Deployment

N828 is able to be powered using an Ethernet cable(support 60m MAX) to simultaneously send data,allowing tou to place the CPE in a position that is most convenient to get the best signal possible.

Packing list:

CPE * 1 Network cable * 1 POE power adapter * 1 Manual * 1 "O" fixed rind *

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