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Phiima 60cm Ductless Hood

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Product Code: 2321609
Brand: Phiima
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Stylish Design: Stainless Steel TypeBased on European as well as Asian style, we had developed a simple outlook yet smooth and modern design to cater new advances to your kitchen.
Glass Type: Tempered glass type with special, deluxe design, with LED display and a foreign feature that suit all customized kitchens styles.
Manufacture Quality: Our products is manufactured and inspected by professional works with years experience and skill before delivered out from our factory.

This 60CM  ductless Hood is equiped with inbuilt washable filter that converts smoke and vapour into gel
High Extract Rate: We have develope a powerful centrifugal motor that can increase strong suction with low noise as compared to other conventional cooker hood.
Whisper Slient: A high quality mechanical connection with an accuracy internal circuit design, powerful motor and stable blower without altering the noise level.
Self-Cleqaning System: Specialized engineered turbo fans that can separate oil from smoke and is collected in a small oil cup.
Oil Path: Focus on oil collection, we adapt a speical oil path design. The oil fully flows into the oil cup even from any part of the cooler hood.


220- 240 V 50/60 HZ

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