Philips Scene Switch 9.5Watts 6500K/3000K LED Bulb

Product Code: 2795087
Brand: Philips
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Philips Scene Switch 9.5Watts 6500K/3000K LEDbulb

Now when you talk of the price of one for two, this is a classic example. The Philips Scene Switch LEDbulb allows you switch between two colours, warm white and cool daylight white. All you need do is switch on, then switch off, and switch on again, and you'll be switching between colours.

The Scene-Switch Bulb allows personification of your space with complete ease by using the existing switch to toggle the light color to suit the ambience.
CDL), no extra accessories!! Simply irresistible 2-in-1 offer, a single bulb with dual functions (Warm white and Coolday light)
•Set the scene to your mood with intuitivetoggle settings of the switch.
•Control your light points via your existing light switch with no re-wiring at all



Are you truly tired of incessant changing of the bulbs in your house? Or still, you are fed up with inability to switch on as many electric bulbs when you are on you generator because the generator will begin a laborious work of overload? And yet, you still want to maintain a good and efficient lighting system even when your area is experiencing low voltage supply? Philips Scene Switch LEDbulb is what you need. These Philips bulbs guarantee high return on your investment in them. PHILIPS is a world-acclaimed brand for excellence in quality, durability, and efficiency when it comes to technology. These bulbs are definitely not in the same class as the sub-standard bulbs flooding the market. While you still enjoy the long life your Philips LED bulb, your neighbour with other brands would have changed bulbs several times.

Philips Scene Switch LEDbulb offers over 90% energy saving and a longer lifetime of 10,000 hours(equivalent to 15 years if lit 2.7 hours per day across 365 days). These bulbs are effective for reduction in energy consumption in a country like Nigeria where many highly depend on power generators.

Design highlights
• Form factor is designed as a direct retrofit into A55 fixtures
• Long lifetime of 15,000 hours (F50L70)
• Warm white CCT 3000K and Cool Daylight 6500K in a single bulb
• No UV and No IR
• Environmental friendly, no Mercury or any other hazardous substances
• Low Carbon Footprint


Demonstration of operations

Application notes
• Operating temperature range is between -20 °C and 45 °C ambient
• Only to apply in dry or damp locations and most of open fixtures with E27 lampholders (Screw Base)
that offer sufficient space (10 mm free air space)
• Not intended for use with emergency light fixtures or exit lights
• Not intended for enclosed luminaires

Application areas
The warm light makes it ideal for general lighting applications in the retail and hospitality
industry by offering their guests a differentiating ambiance and unique experience in public
areas like:

  • Elite shops
  •  Corridors / Stairways / Washrooms
  •  Lobby / Reception areas
  • Hotel rooms / Bars
  • Home
  • Restrooms
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