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This pilot case boast of an outstanding leather quality and a versatile compartment pattern that withstands the test of all fickle fashions; It features a combination lock, two small side pockets, multiple large compartment and an interior purse Me Life Briefcase Pilot Luggage....The very best carry on luggage for those corporate or business trips. Its also a carry on pilot trolley bag.This luggage is so so convenient for easy carriage.Hand luggage or cabin baggage (also commonly referred to as carry-on in North America is the type of luggage that passengers are allowed to carry along in the passenger compartment of a vehicle instead of moving to the cargo compartment. Passengers are allowed to carry a limited number of smaller bags with them in the vehicle and contain valuables and items needed during the journey. There is normally storage space provided for hand luggage, either under seating, or in overhead lockers. Trains usually have luggage racks above the seats and may also (especially in the case of trains travelling longer distances) have luggage space between the backs of seats facing opposite directions, or in extra luggage racks

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