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Polystar Manual SmokeHood PV-0605X90BF

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Filter the air in your kitchen from smoke‎,‎ odours and fumes with the Polystar Manual Cooker Hood PV‎-0605X90BF‎.‎ It has a simple operation but is very efficient in ensuring clean and fresh air‎.‎ Simply place it just above your stove or gas cooker and it will effectively draw out vapour and smoke from the cooking surface‎.‎ This will ensure you have a conducive environment in your kitchen‎.‎ This innovative kitchen appliance will enable your cooking experience to be more pleasurable‎.‎ It is made from durable materials which means it will continue to filter the air for longer‎.‎ It is very efficient in filtering the air from smoke and steam which makes it a must‎-have in every kitchen‎.‎
The Polystar Manual Cooker Hood PV‎-0605X90BF is stylishly designed which will complement your kitchen perfectly‎.‎ It has 2 LED lamps for lighting up the cooking surface so you can have a better view of the mouth‎-watering dish you are preparing‎.‎ It has a very sound motor‎,‎ one fan and 3 speed control for the motor which guarantees efficient performance‎.‎ Additionally‎,‎ it has a digital display switch with time function for added convenience‎.‎ This is the ideal appliance for all modern kitchens‎.‎



Key Features

Stainless steel chassis
One motor one fan & 3 speed control for the motor
Digital display switch with time function
3 PCS washable 3 layers baffle filters
Telescopic stainless steel chimney duct for more ceiling height
2 LED lamps

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