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Potluck Thermo Lunch Box

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Consisting of 3 Rantang where rice and vegetables and 2 places to drink in a container Lunchbox, coupled with the safety lock button which is a special button which is at the cap that serves to open and close lunchbox with just one touch of a button so that it becomes more practical and safe.

The “Safety lock botton" is a special key which is in the lid serves to open and close lunchbox with just one touch of a button. This is different from other lunchbox which are usually rather difficult to open and close. It is Suitable to take to the office, school, or camping it Equipped with 3 pcs a basket that can be separated into 3 parts & it is easy to clean.

Elegant form with the contents of the super complete. 

Key Features:

  • Safety lock button 
  • Ergonomically handle 
  • Shoulder strap 
  • Rubber knob 
  • 8 hour warm or cold 

Bath side holder set consists of:  3pcs basket  2pcs little food place  2pcs plastic cups  plastic spoons and forks

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