Pure Sandalwood Powder - 100g

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Botanical name: Pterocarpus santalinus

This tree is packed with amazing medicinal properties which are widely used and accepted by people. Red sandalwood can be used in many different forms and red sandalwood powder is one of the common ones.

Red sandalwood powder can be utilized in many ways and for treating many health issues. Red sandalwood powder is actively used in Ayurveda in order to treat many skin related problems such as acne, rashes and skin ulcers. Aging is one of the common issues faced globally and red sandalwood powder can effectively help in delaying the irritating process of aging and keep the skin young and glowing for a long period of time. An even skin tone can also be attained with the help of red sandalwood powder.

Red sandalwood powder has antiseptic properties which can be utilized to the maximum by using it as a facial mask.

NOTE: We reccommend for external use only. 

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