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R125 PIR 3 Wire Human Sensor Light Switch

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It is a perfect/security Human motion sensor switch source for every home or workplace, Using passive infrared (PIR) technology to sense human motion (within 8m) by accepting the body's radiant heat, the switch will automatically turns on the lights when human motion is been detected within the range and automatically goes off when motion is no more detected within the range after the delay time of 60s. It is designed to be a substitute for a standard light in a more convenient package.

Using advanced PIR sensing technology, it will automatically switch light up or light off when body enter or leave the sensing area. Applicable for Corridor, storage, toilet, balcony and garage.

Note: Read the installation manual properly and follow the installation wiring diagram on the product manual



  • It will turn on all the time when people in the induction range and turn off after delay is up as well as people leaving
  • Applicable to all Lamps
  • The appearance is simple but very wonderful
  • It reduce waste of electricity and increase bulbs/lamps life spam
  • Human body induction lamp
  • Fashionable design, lightweight and easy to use
  • Rated voltage: AC110V/220V (50HZ/60HZ)
  • Light  Sensitivity : 3-8LUX
  • Sensing distance: 8m( If temperature greater than 20’C, the sensing distance decreases about 4-5m)
  • Load power 100W
  • Delay time:60s
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