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Raw Super Shredder 2 Layer Grinder

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The Raw Super Shredder was released as a limited edition item by Raw in 2014. It is described as an American-Made, Die-Hard Shredder for your herbs. This shredder is made to fluff herbs so that they burn better. Made from 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum, the Raw super shredder is sure to last a lifetime because it has the strength of 18,000 PSI. Also comes with a removable washer so that you can shred the way you want!
There is just one size and one style of RAW super shredder. It’s an experimental tooth design that RAW thinks works better than anything made today, and yes they did compare it to the other leading brands. Raw used a new eco-friendly super-slick finish called "EcoSlik". Raw only made this one, because it’s the best one and the only one you need for daily use. It’s simple, will last you forever (Raw gives free replacement gaskets for life) and it’s extremely well engineered.
The Raw Super Shredder has 2 different shaped teeth; on top there is Allen-shaped teeth that grip and move the herbs through the bottom sharp diamond-blades ensuring the finished material is perfectly cut and fluffed. Other grinders cut on the top and bottom and that can sometimes create a flat mushy mess – especially when you’re using the best quality herbs. The magnet post was moved to the bottom to fix the problem most other grinders have (you know – where the heabs gets stuck in the middle and you have to pick at them with a poker). The gasket is super slick, washable and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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