Rhino Rechargeable Lighting Solar System With 4 Connecting Light Bulbs

Product Code: 3150996
Brand: Rhino
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This products will save you money over a period time in energy cost. The products are Ideal for your homes and offices. Reduce wasting money on fuel.Light brighter than ever multi-function mini solar home lighting system. Solar panel 12V 3-7W, Built-in 12V/7000mAh rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery(Battery can be replaced). Electricity charging system included. Charging times between 12 - 15 hours. DC 12V Output (can charge up to 4 items at one time). USB mobile phone charging fuction, build-in CCCV system to charge all mobiles. Comes with Solar Charge Mains with a 6 SMD LED torch, Solar Panel, 4 SMD LED Bulbs, Charging Cables, AC Charging Wire. Water-resistant enclosure. Battery-indicator, Solar-charge indicator. 2 - 5 years battery life

Battery backup of upto 45 - 60 hours. Ac Charging Wire included. Mobile charging facility (with free multiple data-cables)
Ideal for: Most suitable for indoor use, can be used as lighting for traveling, camping, outdoor work and other emergency lighting, can also be used as a portable back-up power / charger to charge mobile phones, camera, mp3, DV, mp4, PsP, iPod and more

Very nice product. User friendly and easy to use. Simple two core cables can easily be extended to be used in any room. 
  • Solar rechargeable power System
  • 12V DC charger
  • On Fan DC 12V Output
  • On ceiling lights DC 12V output
  • On bulb 12V output
  • Charging phone DC 5V output
  • From solar 12V input
  • Power source:220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Battery: 12V/7000mAh sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery.
  • Light source: 12x1W bright Led.
  • Charge time: 12-15 hours
  • Duration: 10-12 hours
  • Dimension: 208x107x130 mm
  • 4pcs 12V DC LED bulbs with meter wire and on and off switch 
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