Self Balance Hoverboard - Black

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Product Description
About the product
1. Sine wave motor is a better choice of energy conservation 
2. Dual Circuit power supply can protect your machine in better way 
3. A03 control board can avoid failure about your Balance Wheel 
4. It is easy for you to turn a corner , change speed and brake and so on 
5. High quality dual two wheels self balancing smart electric mini scooter 
6. Double balancing systems keep you in balance 
7. Security protection: tilting protection, speed limit protection, low battery protection 
8. A revolutionary green product for personal transportation that can be easily carried around on bus or subway 
9. High efficiency, low consumption, safe, convenient and no pollution 
10. Tire type : hollow inflatable tires 
11. The product is small ,light, portable, smart and easy to operate 
12. It has fashionable industrial design, can bring more pleasure for your life 
13. The product include LG battery charger of 36V

How to use
Move according to your gravity 
1. To move forward or backward on the mini electric scooter, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward. 
2. To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the foot on left or right pedal. 
3. Stand straightly, you will stop moving. 
You get the sense of power and speed, yet you also feel a sense of safety and absolute control, it all feels natural, safe and instinctive.

Applicable field
For Individual: 
Personal Transporters, Commuter, Adventure/Outdoor Seekers, Fashionista, Students 
For Business: 
Large Facilities, Airports & Train stations, Agriculture 
For Patrolling: 
Police, Governments & Military, Security, Emergency Response 
For Tourism: 
For Robotics: 
Research & Development, Indoor & Outdoor navigations and path planning, Industrial automations, Defense application

Max Speed 10km/h
Max Load 100kg
Max Gradient 18-25 Degree
Battery Power 600w(300w*2)
Battery Capacity 4400mAh
Charge Time 90-120min
Working Temperature -20-60 Degree Celsius
Pedal Distance 3-11cm
Range 10-20km
Product size 67.0cm * 25.0cm * 26.0cm
Net Weight 10kg
Max. Mileage 10-20km
Tire Size 6.5 inch
Charger AC100V-240V
Battery Voltage 36V
Waterproof IP65
Battery Lithium-ion
Battery Volume 158wh
Package Include
Package Contents 1 x Electric Scooters, 1 x Lithium Battery Charger  
Package Weight
One Package Weight 12.50kgs / 27.56lb
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