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Set of Nylon Spoon - 6 Pieces

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This 6 Piece Set of Nylon Spoon is designed with a flat head allowing it to easily glide along the bottom of your pot, grabbing up everything in its path. You'll never have to tilt a pot again. It is classic and versatile. Its whisk is perfect for whisking eggs, batters and more. The colorful handle is specially designed with a wide, sturdy base that means it can stand up on its own to keep your counter clean. The long flexible heads on these spatulas can flip everything from delicate eggs to juicy steaks. The slotted design lets grease fall back into the pan instead of landing on your plate. It is comfortable and practical, these slender spoons are lightweight and easy to hold - heat safe to 400F. Dishwasher safe for convenience

Caution: Handle may melt if rested on the side of a hot pan.

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