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Slimming Suit Shapewear for Ladies - Black

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Caffeine-infused garments are an exciting new innovation in shapewear. This capri bodysuit provides all-over shaping, while also helping to maximize your workouts. With control and shaping from the midsection to the calf, you might not even notice this item’s special massaging weave. The latex fabric boosts thermal activity, increasing perspiration in your waist, hips, abdomen and thighs. That means whether you work out at the gym or just walk to work, this shaper makes the most of your physical activity. The slow-release caffeine remains in the garment for dozens of washes. Plus, a recharging spray is available so your garment is always ready whenever you are.
Smooths your silhouette while wearing the garment
Invisible, comfortable slimming under any clothing
Supported bustline

Wear your own bra
Ingredients remain active for dozens of washes
Comfortable control and compression
Shapes from the midsection to the calf
Underbust design
Size Note: For slimming, it is recommended that you size down this garment.

The benefits of wearing the shape underwear?
. Skin wearing can help you to burn fat and lose weight. No need exercise anymore, every moment the fat is in the movement.
. Make the cellulite skin becomes tender and smooth. It has favorable absorbency to skin.
. The edge won't roll and yarn-proof by arbitrarily cut. Anti-friction/ Anti chlorine water/radiation protection/quick-drying.
Remarks: Skin to wear 8 hours per day, total test time is 56 days. And stay normal diet, not overeating.
The effect of Tourmaline fabric
.Anion and far infrared ray effect on the skin directly. Balancing yin and yang, warming and activating meridia, warming yang for dispelling cold.
. Boosts blood circulation, excitor, relieve the pain and fatigue.
. Activate fatty cells accelerated and converted, have the effect of weight loss.

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