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Solas Approved Lifejacket Light

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The light is an automatic water activated light type with a manual on/off switch, and a constant light type. It is activated by moving the activation arm around the comer clockwise thereby enabling the automatic mode. The light will then tum on, if in contact with water. After being activated, the light stays turned on disregarding the water contacts are lifted out of the water. The light is deactivated by moving the activation arm around the comer anti clockwise. If the light after disruption is brought back to automatic mode, and water contacts are dry, splash water on the contacts and the light goes on again. Activation and deactivation is clearly marked on the label.


  • With a height of only 16 mm this light can easily fit into any life jacket without hampering movement of life jacket material
  • This extremely visible LED light is an automatic water activated light with a manual on/off switch
  • The light can be equipped with two different types of clips to meet different requirements for attachment rounded edges ensure life jacket integrity
  • Light intensity is well above the O,75 cd approved standard
  • do not recharge, incinerate or dismantle the light! Disposal of lights should be done in accordance to regulations


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