Sollatek AC Guard Surge Protector & APC Surge Protector

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AC Guard Surge Protector -Sollatek

Appliances such as air-conditioning and refrigeration units are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by low voltage ‘brownouts’. With the A/C Guard, your equipment is protected against all power fluctuations: over-voltage as well as low voltage, spikes, surges, power back surges and power fluctuations. Part of Sollatek’s highly versatile Voltshield Range which uses the Sollatek Switcher technology, the A/C Guard switches off the air-conditioner instantly when a power problem occurs, reconnecting it only once the mains supply has stabilised. Simple installation – complete peace of mind The A/C Guard is easily installed by an electrician and suitable for use with all air-conditioners, including split units, as well as industrial refrigeration equipment. Konga brings you the best products at the lowest prices online with nationwide delivery.

  • Sollatek AC Guard | Surge Protector | 25Amps
  • Light indicators "Off, Wait, On"
  • Automatic protection against: Low, High voltage, spikes and surges
  • Intelligent time delay, protection against power back surges
  • Circuit breaker, protection against short circuit and over-load
  • Single phase, direct wiring for extra security
  • Eliminates the need to switch Off and On appliances all the time
  • It automatically disconnects power during excessive voltage

APC Surge Protector

The APC Surge Protector delivers surge protection for computers and other electronics devices.‎

It has a manual switch that enables the surge suppressor to be de‎-energized for service without disconnecting the protected load‎.‎ Plug angle allows for equipment and furniture to be placed closer to the wall than with a standard power cord‎.

This powerful and effective APC surge Arrest Surge Protector will stop and eliminate lightning and power surges that could permanently ruin your electronic equipment. Changes in voltage cause lockups and loss of work. This unit will protect your equipment from the hazard of unstable power. The Essential Surge Arrest series offers a great value for home equipment, appliances, and office appliances such as small office/home computers, printer, scanner, etc. Rated voltage: 250V A.C.  Rated current: 13amp Power watt: 2500W





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