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Spy Clock with Camera

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Just four units available

Rechargable battery for 120 minutes continous recording

motion detector to record at appropriate times

can take still pictures/videos

stainless steel for premium homes


This desk / table clock DVR Camera with hidden lens on 12 o'clock time marker can be triggered recording by motion detector, Making it Perfect for home office Covert security Surveillance camcorder. 


Keeping an eye out at home or in the office is very important these days because of all the crimes happening all around.

But CCTV cameras are now so common that criminals could easily see and avoid them



A spy camera with motion detector is a better option for a CCTV camera because only you will know that it is a camera that is recording all the actions and sound around. 


The Spy Camera Clock DVR is designed to look like just your everyday ordinary table clock so that nobody will suspect that they are being watched.

Use this to check on you kids at home, or to check how well your babysitter or care giver is doing with your family when you are not at home. 


Use this spy camera with motion detector to monitor your employees and see if they are doing what they are paid for.

It also functions great as a hidden surveillance monitor to protect your home or business from criminal activities. 


Having a Spy camera with motion detector will greatly help you protect all that hold close to your heart. 


You can set the recording process of the Spy Digital Camera with just a push of a button.

Set it according to how you want it, it may be set record both video and audio, audio only, function as a picture camera, or as a motion detector. 


The motion detector will only start recording if there is any movement detected by the device to save memory and energy.

This spy camera with motion detector will record videos at 640x480 resolution, still images at 1280x960, and support memory up to 32 GB. 


The Spy Digital Camera will be a great addition to your home security system.

The spy camera clock measures 2 and 5/8 inches by 7/8 inches by 5/8 inches and flips up to a maximum height of 3 inches. 


The clock operates on a built in high capacity lithium polymer battery that will operate the DVR for approximately 120 minutes of continuous use.

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