The Diva Principle By Michelle Mckinney Hammond

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Are you ready for a Diva-tude, girlfriend? Pulling examples of diva's from the Bible, Michelle McKinney Hammond shows how each women can become a diva. But it will take some elbow grease. Michelle bases her book on the idea that our attitude affects who we are and what we do. Becoming a diva is not an easy job. According to Ms. Hammond, a diva is a woman who always thirsts for knowledge and wisdom. She is willing to step out of her comfort zone to do what needs to be done. A diva encourages others to be all they can be. She accepts God’s higher calling for her life. A diva knows her strengths and works on her weaknesses. She knows how to handle basic areas of life such as finances, dressing, cooking, and house keeping. A diva is confident in herself and happy with how God designed her.

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