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The Entrepreneur's Desk Reference by Jane Applegate

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Entepreneurs are busy people who want answers fast. Why should they spend hours clicking through hundreds of search results on the Internet? Small business guru Jane Applegate has assembled an easy-to-use guide containing all the information they need to know in a form that's ideal for a quick lookup. The Entrepreneur's Desk Reference is an alphabetical compilation of answers, solutions, advice, and ideas from Applegate and top small business experts.

Topics covered include accountants, audits, brand building, employee benefits, firing and hiring, mission statements, operations, trade associations, and valuation. Entries feature definitions, checklists, proven strategies, and specific resources -- books, association contacts, websites -- to help point the reader in the right direction. With so much useful information in one place, this book provides answers faster than an Internet search.

Suitable for the seasoned entrepreneur who needs a specific answer as well as those just launching their small business who are looking for a comprehensive guide, The Entrepreneur's Desk Reference belongs within reach of every small business owner, who will turn to it over and over again.


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