The Flavor of Favor: Quest For the American Dream - A Memoir

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The Flavor of Favor: Quest For the American Dream. A Memoir is an inspirational story of an first generation immigrant and his journey from his country of birth, Nigeria to his dream country, United States.

Olawale tells a gripping story of a child raised in an economically unstable environment, in which his parents tried desperately to shield him from the reality of the changing times. However, at the age of fourteen he started seeking a way out of penury by secretly doing odd jobs without his parents' knowledge.

By the age of twenty, he immigrated to the United States and began the pursuit of the American dream with the belief that the United States was the "promised land" and that with hard work and dedication, he will succeed. He worked multiple jobs, juggling two to three jobs while also trying to obtain a college degree.

He struggled to adapt in his newly adopted homeland as he lost one job after another, experienced prejudice and social isolation. The dreamland was rapidly becoming the land of nightmare. Yet, he was grounded by his faith and comforted by the hope of a better future in this land of opportunities.

He eventually graduated from college, attended law school and earned a law degree. Nine years after becoming a lawyer, he was nominated as a candidate for judge of the court of common pleas in his county of residence.

Olawale details the experience of a young immigrant growing up in a world that was rapidly changing and in which he has to either fend for himself to survive or fail woefully.

It is a story of faith, faithfulness, determination, discipline and survival in spite of the odds.

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